Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Well hello stranger!

Random running into you! Haha I haven't written since the last day of that summer in blog class, the class that brought me to this odd little page that we call a virtual journal. Just a typical night of rummaging through Instagram before bed and liking every food picture I see, when it some how led me back to this little gem and all of it's glorious memories. Flash back Tuesday to the days of classes, endless study nights, week night outing to make up for all that studying and to amazing roommates that I miss everyday of my life! Today I still have a roommate but of a very different variety. ;) He my pumpkin! Haha I guess what this little run in has brought me is more than I was expecting, a whole lotta emotion. All those crazy night with two beautiful women that I am still lucky enough to call my friends! It also reminded me of how much I loved writing and though I'm no good at it, it's nice to be able to look back and remember those days! So, though I'm sure no one will be reading but me, I will continue to write because maybe one day I'll forget about this blogspot again and run into it, again and remember all the great night/days I've had with the new people in my life and all those great friends that are still with me on this crazy ride!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Its really over, WOW I can't believe how fast June went by. It feels like we just started class a week ago, But here we are in our last day of class, waiting for our peach cobbler that probably will never come. So while most of you are done for classes and get to go enjoy the rest of the summer I get to keep on with these darn things! I still have physical science to complete and in two weeks I'll be starting my criminology class. Even after those to are over I'll be taking intersession classes, YAY for me!! NOT!! This is the first summer where Ive gotten absolutely no break what so ever, but I sure will be happy when I get out of school earlier then I was supposed to so I cant complain! Well it was great to meet all of you'll! Keep reading my blog ill try to keep it up!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Random Thought

As the summer semester continues I'm am realizing more and more how improper my Spanish is... I'm actually learning a lot as I help my roommate with her Spanish homework every night. I've also realized that I never really learned why it is that we use certain word i certain spot or things of the sort... I just learned Spanish, I just speak it because I know what to say but I never knew why. On another, not lighter note, I was walking to class today with my roommate and we stumbled upon this poor baby geese... he was in the grass face up, dead. It was sad and it made me wonder was it is exactly that these Geese do out there. Just a thought! random

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

From Past to Present

I was speaking to my roommate, who is a advertising major, the other day and we were talking about blogging and such... Its really interesting how far we've come in the last couple of years. Every sort of communication is now technological. I think im one of the few people that still sends letters. There's just something about being able to sit down and write to someone and know that its going to take a little more then a second to get something back. I like having to wait for that response, it somewhat more exciting. Back to technology though, she was telling me that now a days its better to actually put your blog on your resume. I know we've talked, some what, about that in here, its just so interesting to me that employers now look you up to see if your the type of person they want working in their business, one picture could make you or break you!

Monday, June 21, 2010


I had a great weekend, Very calm! I finally, after years of waiting, got a Sunday off so I got to spend it with my family. My boss told me that he is thinking about closing the store on Sundays from now on, so of course that made my weekend even greater! I love having Sundays off, I'd honestly rather work every single day and have my Sundays off then anything else. I hope every one had a great Fathers day, My dad didn't really want to do anything for his day. See my dad is a very "to himself" man, he like to be alone and usually spends his day in the garage playing old records. We wish he would show a little more emotion sometimes, but we love him just the way he is!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Cooking? Maybe not!

So I cook just about every day of my life, I really enjoy it! However today the man upstairs was telling me to hang up my chefs hat!!!! I began by heating up some oil to fry plantains, little me forgot to turn it down once it got hot and while I was frying the plantains I burnt my hand, left the spoon in the oil and melted it and burt some of them.. I managed to salvage quite a few, enough to keep me satisfied. Then I proceeded to make breaded telapia, I shouldn't have ignored the signs! While I was making it I decided to flip it over like there wasn't hot oil in the pan, yeah it splattered all over me!! Thank you judge Alex for distracting me, if it weren't for your extremely good looks I wouldn't be burnt right now! All in all my meal was delicious other then the fact that I've got 3 huge burnt on my chest and lower neck that look like hickeys... I guess that the price I pay for a good meal!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Help ME!!

Hey guys, Its kinda old news I guess but I was talking to my co worker and apparently he got stranded in the flood.... He was on the news and he sent me the link, so watch it! He is the guy in the silver car....