Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Well hello stranger!

Random running into you! Haha I haven't written since the last day of that summer in blog class, the class that brought me to this odd little page that we call a virtual journal. Just a typical night of rummaging through Instagram before bed and liking every food picture I see, when it some how led me back to this little gem and all of it's glorious memories. Flash back Tuesday to the days of classes, endless study nights, week night outing to make up for all that studying and to amazing roommates that I miss everyday of my life! Today I still have a roommate but of a very different variety. ;) He my pumpkin! Haha I guess what this little run in has brought me is more than I was expecting, a whole lotta emotion. All those crazy night with two beautiful women that I am still lucky enough to call my friends! It also reminded me of how much I loved writing and though I'm no good at it, it's nice to be able to look back and remember those days! So, though I'm sure no one will be reading but me, I will continue to write because maybe one day I'll forget about this blogspot again and run into it, again and remember all the great night/days I've had with the new people in my life and all those great friends that are still with me on this crazy ride!

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